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Classic Jaguar Restorations

A J Autocraft  specialise in Classic Jaguar Restorations in Staffordshire. We can help your classic Jaguar can be brought back to its former magnificence. We can restore it to the original manufacturer's specification, with every part being as Jaguar meant.  We can also bring back to ensure that none of the cars' s original looks or unique character appear out of place.

Jaguar Restorations

You set the specifications and also criteria. You select the shade combination and the options. We will also paint your car in any custom-made colour combination you request!

We can also modify your traditional vehicle with performance upgrades. This will make it suitable for racing or racing preparation.   A J Autocraft is committed to making your vision become a reality!

Jaguar Restorations


We offer classic automobile reconstruction, rebuilds & adjustments. We can restore of any kind of marque, to the highest requirements. I am based in Bobbington with over 30 years experience refining my skills in some of the UK's leading restoration firms.

Repair Services 

We specialise in car bodywork, construction & welding. We also supply a complete variety of solutions. This can be from small panel repair works,  alterations & modernisations to complete reconstructions.

Jaguar Repairs

Services for classic Jaguar cars include: 

  • Restorations
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Transportation

  • Parts and Accessories
  • Vehicle Sourcing
  • Jaguar Sales

Jaguar Upgrades 

Upgraded seats include a complete trim centre utilising the finest leathers & materials. These will be fitted as only Jaguar intended.  We offer the alternative of modern innovations. 

This includes;  iphone, songs interface, telephone & satellite navigating connectivity. These features will bring the standard of luxury to a new level.

Vintage Car Repair

Repair Services







A J Autocraft  have devoted many years refining the reconstruction of some of the finest  classics offered today. Our classic cars are for unique collectors who requires a restoration completed to their needs.

Vintage Jaguar Specialists

We are the leading vintage Jaguar specialists in Staffordshire. We are your first choice for classic Jaguar restorations and car sales.

Our expert team in our body store department has been appropriately trained to the vehicle that we are servicing. We invest the time required guaranteeing a remarkable panel fit. This will ensure the vehicle keeps a straight body as it did from the factory, if not better.

Classic Jaguar Cars

After a car is stripped to bare metal, it is placed on a rotisserie. Here,  any kind of flaws in the steel are removed and new metal is bonded and leaded. This is done to keep the toughness as well as the stability of the vehicle.

The bare metal is after that treated with engraving guide. All body work is executed. Last but not least, the auto is prepped for primer and also the sealer.

Next off, our experienced paint experts, hang each body panel and piece of frame individually. They use sealer and primer before painting the base coat. We then paint several layers of clear coat and colour sand. The car is then buffed to a fantastic surface that shines for years to come.

Our paint division is fully equipped with modern tools. This allows us to do various degrees of paint tasks. We can match the original factory colour or colour you wish.

Although we are well known with our involvement with Jaguar E Type and XK models, we are also able to supply any classic Jaguar to your requirements.

We also offer a full inspection service for any vehicle you may have sourced yourself to ascertain any faults or problems you may not have noticed yourself.

Insurance valuations are also available from us.